# Gong Connector - Search aggregated user data

This action will search aggregated user data in Gong. Lists the aggregated activity of multiple users within the Gong system for each time period within the defined date range. This endpoint returns multiple records, one for each user. For each user there are items for every time period in the date range, including statistics about the user's activity. Records are returned only for users with activity in the range.

# Input

Field Description
Aggregation period
Choose from ['Day', 'Week', 'Month', 'Quarter', 'Year', 'No aggregation']. Calendar time period for aggregating data. First day of the week is Monday. Select No aggregation to return user data aggregated by the date range you provide.

Upon selection of an aggregation period you will have to provide the start date (which is inclusive) and end date (which is exclusive and not exceed the current day). You can also choose to provide a list of User IDs to obtain information just about them. If this is left blank then all users are returned.

# Output

Field Description
Users aggregate activity
A list of following details for each user
User Aggregate Activity The aggregate details of a single user is contained within this list object.
User Email Address Email address of the user whose information is at the corresponding index.
User ID Gong User ID for the specific user.
List Size The list size of the users aggregate activity.
List Index An index for each item in the list of users aggregate activity.
Metadata of the response
Current page number Necessary for repeat requests to ensure pagination.
Current page size Number of records on the current page.
Cursor UUID necessary for pagination.
Total Records Total number of records that can be queried.

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