# Gong Connector - Search call transcripts

This action will search call transcripts in Gong. Lists the transcripts of calls that took place during a specified date range and have specified call IDs.

# Input

Field Description
Starting date-time The date from which to list calls. If not specified, the calls start with the earliest recorded call. The date applies to call start time.
Ending date-time The date until which to list calls. For web-conference calls recorded by Gong, the date denotes its scheduled time, otherwise, it denotes its actual start time.
Call IDs List of calls IDs to be filtered. If not supplied, returns all calls between Starting date time and Ending date time. To retrieve a single call, provide the ID of the call.
Workspace Select the workspace to filter calls by.

# Output

Field Description
Call Transcripts
A list of following details for each call transcript
Call ID An index for each item in the list of users aggregate activity.
Transcript A list containing a transcript object. Each transcript object contains within it details like speaker ID, Topic, and a list of Sentences. Each sentence object contains the start, end, and text fields.
List Size The list size of the call transcripts.
List Index An index for each item in the list of call transcripts.
Metadata of the response
Current page number Necessary for repeat requests to ensure pagination.
Current page size Number of records on the current page.
Cursor UUID necessary for pagination.
Total Records Total number of records that can be queried.

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