# IBM Db2 Connector

IBM Db2 is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). IBM designed Db2 to store, analyze, and retrieve data efficiently, and first launched in 1982. The modern version of Db2 supports object-oriented features, and non-relational structures with XML.


The Db2 connector uses the On-prem agent version 2.11.0, or newer.

# Supported features

The IBM Db2 Connector supports the following features:

  • IBM Db2 Instances connected through OPA v2.11.0 or newer
  • Client-side SSL/TLS connections; it supports both both self-signed, and CA certificates

# Actions

# Connecting to Workato

Explore the IBM Db2 Connection setup guide for instructions on connecting Workato to your IBM Db2 database.

Last updated: 9/30/2022, 8:08:55 AM