# Marketo

Marketo (opens new window) is a marketing automation solution that empowers customer engagement through digital marketing.

# API version

The Marketo connector uses the Marketo REST API v1 (opens new window).

# Create custom service for Workato

Marketo exposes REST endpoints which allows integration platforms (like Workato) to remotely retrieve and execute core capabilities. It is recommended to create a specific custom service client for Workato.

There are a few reasons for this.

  1. All operations will be logged under a custom service dedicated for integration and workflow processes. This improves usage and error tracking by isolating issues specific to each integration platform.
  2. This allows you to customize permissions and security profile, without having it tied to a specific employee user.

The custom service should have all the permissions needed to perform the required actions for your integration scenario. When building recipes, you may encounter a 403 error, it means that the ISU does not have sufficient permission for the action.

# How to create custom service on Marketo

Steps Description
1. Create API role Navigate to Admin > Users & roles > select the Roles tab > New user.

Select Access API under permissions and click Create.
Role permissions
Create role in Marketo
2. Create API user Navigate to Admin > Users & roles > select the Users tab > New role.

Select the API role that you just created and finish the user setup.
User permissions
Create user in Marketo
3. Create custom service
for Workato
Navigate to Admin > Launchpoint > New > New service.

Select the API-only user that you just created and click Create.
New custom service
New custom service
4. Retrieve client credentials Select View details for the new custom service.
View custom service
View custom service

This will show you the client ID and Client secret required for authentication on Workato.
Client credentials
Client credentials

For more information about creating custom services, see the Marketo documentation (opens new window).

# How to connect to Marketo on Workato

Marketo connection setup Marketo connection setup

Input field Description
Connection name Give this connection a unique name that identifies which Marketo instance it is connected to.
REST Endpoint The base URL of your Marketo instance. Find out how to retrieve your base URL here (opens new window).
Custom service client ID The ID for this custom service client.
Custom service client secret The password for this custom service client.

# Marketo triggers and actions

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