# Marketo - New lead activity batch trigger

This trigger monitors a specified list for any leads that perform a certain activity. Activities will be collated and processed in batches of 100.

When you first run this trigger, the selected activity of all leads present in the selected list will be returned.

New lead activity batch trigger New lead activity batch trigger

# Input

Input field Description
When first started, this recipe should pick up events from Leads created or updated after this time will be processed by the recipe. If left blank, the default date will be set to one hour before the recipe is first started.
Activity Select the activity to monitor.
List Select the list to monitor. New leads in this list will act as trigger events.

# Output

This trigger returns a list of Marketo Activity responses, including the First lead ID and the Last lead ID. Each Activity event contains the following.

Activities field Description
Activity ID The unique ID of the activity.
Lead ID The unique ID of the lead associated to this activity.
Activity date The datetime of the activity.
Activity type ID The ID of the activity type.
Lead A list of lead responses associated with this activity.

For a full list of Activity fields, see here (opens new window).

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