# PostgreSQL - Export query result action

# Export query result

This bulk long action executes a SQL query and exports the results as a CSV file. If you are using a cloud connection, you can stream the exported CSV content via the File Contents datapill. When using a cloud connection, the maximum timeout is 120 minutes. If you are using an OPA connection, you can upload the CSV file to a local directory or a cloud storage like an S3 bucket.

If the CSV file is uploaded to a local directory, the query results are processed and stored locally. This means that your data never leaves your secure network.

On-prem profile configuration

Remember to configure a staging area in your on-prem agent profile. Learn how to setup a staging area in the OPA server profile.

Export query result action (OPA) Export query result action (OPA)

Export query result action (Cloud) Export query result action (Cloud)

# Input

Input field Description
SQL A valid SQL query.
Column delimiter Choose a delimiter character. CSV files typically use comma.
Upload URL (OPA connection only) Export the CSV file to this URL. Generate this url using On-prem files or Amazon S3.

# Output

Output field Description
Number of rows exported The number of rows exported.
Column names Column headers in the CSV file.
File Contents (Cloud connection only) CSV stream of the contents of the file.

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