# RecipeOps - List Recipes Action

This action retrieves a list of recipes and includes info such as recipe ID, name, job count, and lifetime task count.

# Limitations

  • Results are limited to 1,000 recipes
  • Lifetime task count data is available from March 19, 2021 onward

# Input

Field Description
Recipe status Filter recipes by their status:
  • All
  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Stopped due to error
Recipe IDs The ID(s) of specific recipes to retrieve. To include multiple recipes, provide their IDs as a comma-separated list. For example: 362905, 362906

Recipe IDs can be found in the URL of your browser. Navigate to the recipe's page and look for a number after https://app.workato.com/recipes/.

For example: If the URL is https://app.workato.com/recipes/362905-timekeeper, then the recipe ID is 362905.

# Output

Field Description
Recipe ID The ID of the recipe.
User ID The ID of the user who created the recipe.
Folder ID The ID of the folder containing the recipe.
Name The name of the recipe.
Active If true, the recipe is currently active.
Parent ID If the recipe was cloned, this will contain the ID of the recipe it was originally cloned from.
Successful job count The total number of successful jobs the recipe has had.
Failed job count The total number of failed jobs the recipe has had.
Lifetime task count The total number of tasks the recipe has used over the course of its lifetime.
Version no The current version of the recipe.
Major version no
Stopped due to error If true, the recipe was last stopped due to an error.
Stop reason If the recipe was stopped, this will be the reason for the stoppage.
Last run at The time the recipe last ran.
Created at The time the recipe was created.
Updated at The time the recipe was last updated.
List size The total number of recipes in the result set.
List index The index (current position) of the recipe in the list of results.

# Resources

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