# RecipeOps By Workato


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The RecipeOps connector enables the building of recipes to monitor and manage active recipes.

Stopped recipes and failed jobs can have automated responses and notifications to mitigate their impact on critical business processes. Account, recipe, and job details can also be retrieved via the RecipeOps connector.

# Usage Inspiration

Need some inspiration? Using RecipeOps, you could:

  • Notify designated workspace members when a key recipe is stopped. Workato sends notifications through Gmail, SMS, Twilio phone call or IVR, Slack, and more.
  • Schedule on-call workspace members and build escalation policies
  • Flag low transaction counts and notify workspace members
  • Build job history report logs or audit reports in Google Sheets
  • Build recipe reports for an overview of automations and connected apps

# Setup


Collaborators must have the Create Connections privilege to create connections.

When setting up a RecipeOps connection, you can select where you want recipes to be monitored:

# Monitoring Your Account

If you select My account, no further info is needed. You're done!

# Monitoring Another Account

If you select Someone else's account, you'll need an admin from the other account to provision an API Client via Workspace admin and pass you to the API Client's token.


Prior to 11th January 2023, RecipeOps utilized legacy API keys and emails to authenticate. Legacy API keys will continue to work but have been migrated to API clients which allow you to adopt a better security posture with granular access to APIs and projects. Take note that deleting this migrated API client will cause any RecipeOps connections using legacy API keys to fail.

# Triggers

The RecipeOps connector supports the following recipe triggers:

# Actions

The RecipeOps connector supports the following recipe actions:

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