# RecipeOps - Customer Usage Threshold Reached Trigger Trigger

This trigger monitors all customers in an OEM account and fires when a customer reaches thresholds of their usage limits for tasks according to their plan. You can receive an event for every 10% of usage.

# Requirements

An OEM account is required to use this trigger.

# Input

This trigger doesn't require any input.

# Output

Field Description
ID The Workato ID of the customer.
External ID The external ID of the customer, if defined.
Customer Name The name of the customer.
Plan Details about the customer's plan. This field has some additional sub-fields:
Field Description
Plan name The name of the plan.
Plan accounting period
Billing cycle reset date The reset date of the current billing cycle.
Current limit Details about the limits applied to the account. This field has some additional sub-fields:
Field Description
Task limit The task limit for the account.
Threshold reached at The time the threshold was reached.
% Threshold reached The percentage of the threshold that was reached.

# Resources

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