# Sendoso

Sendoso (opens new window) is the leading Sending Platform that delivers modern direct mail, personalized gifts, eGifts, and other Physical Impressions™ at scale. Use the triggers in this connector to run a recipe when a new user is added or the send analytics are updated in Sendoso. Use the actions to manage your custom gift campaigns.


This connector is released to the community (opens new window). You have to install it to your workspace (opens new window) before using it.

# How to connect to Sendoso on Workato

  1. Email hello@sendoso.com to request a Client ID and Client Secret for your account.
  2. Install (opens new window) the connector from the Community library.
  3. Click Release latest version to use the connector in a recipe.
  4. Create a new recipe and select a Sendoso trigger or action.
  5. Fill in the following connection fields:

# Connection fields

Field Description
Connection name Give this connection a descriptive name so you can reuse it in other recipes
Client ID The Client ID associated with your Sendoso account
Client Secret The Client Secret associated with your Sendoso account
Environment The environment specified in the Sendoso URL

# Using Sendoso with other apps

Sendoso is frequently used in recipes with a CRM app, such as in the following example recipes:


The Send Analytics trigger output contains the gift recipient’s email but not their name. If Microsoft Dynamics 365 doesn't have a contact with a matching email address, a new contact will be created in Dynamics with the recipient's email as the contact name.

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