New/updated file in directory trigger

This triggers picks up new or updated files in a specified folder. New and updated files in subfolders will also be picked up.

New/updated file in directory trigger New/updated file in directory trigger


Input field Description
Directory Select the folder that you want to track. You can choose from the dropdown menu or enter the folder path directly.
When first started, this recipe should pick up events from Files created or updated after this time will be processed by the recipe. If left blank, the default date will be set to 1 hour before the recipe is first started.


Output field Description
File name The file path.
Name The name of the file.
Symlink Whether this file contain links to other files.
Size The size of the file.
Owner The designated owner of the file.
Group The group that this file belongs to.
Permissions The permissions enabled on this file.
Last accessed time The last time this file was accessed.

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