# Upload file action

This action uploads a file to a specific path in your SFTP server. If the file already exists, the action will append or overwrite the file, depending on the option selected. Otherwise, it will create a new file.

You can use this action with the Create folder action to upload files into a new folder.

Upload file action Upload file action

# Input

Input field Description
File path Provide the full path of the file, including the file name and extension. The folders provided in the path must exist before you can add a file in it. Example: /folder1/folder2/filename.csv
Append If there is an existing file with the same path, select Yes to append contents to the end of the file. Otherwise, select No to overwrite the file.
File contents Drag and drop a datapill to specify the file's contents. You can also manually input raw data (for example, CSV lines). Datapills with empty contents are allowed.

# Output

Output field Description
File name Name of the created or updated file.
File path Complete path of the created or updated file.

To retrieve more details about the file you've just created or updated, use the Get file information action.

Last updated: 10/19/2023, 10:05:52 PM

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