SharePoint is a web-based collaboration, document management and storage system integrated with Microsoft Office.

Workato's SharePoint connector enables you to build even more integrations and automations around Sharepoint and other third-party applications.


The SharePoint connector uses SharePoint REST API.

How to connect to SharePoint on Workato

Register Workato app in SharePoint

  1. Login to
  2. Click on Azure Active Directory -> App Registrations -> New Application Registration

    Step 2

  3. Give a unique name for the application, select the Application type as Web app / API and Sign In URL as ​​ and click on Create.

    Step 3

  4. Click on Settings -> Keys. Make sure to save the Application ID, you will use this connect with Workato later.

    Step 4

  5. Create a new Password with Key as client_secret and set the desired expiry time and click on Save. Upon clicking Save, a new password will be generated. Make sure to save the generated client secret password, you will use this to connect with Workato later.

    Step 6

  6. In Settings, click on Required Permission -> Add -> Select an API -> Office 365 Sharepoint Online -> Select

    Step 6.1

    Step 6.2

  7. Choose the permissions you want to give Workato and click on Select

    Step 7

  8. In Settings, click on Reply URLs and add the URL​ as Reply URL and click on Save

    Step 8

Configure SharePoint connection in Workato

  1. Login to Workato to create SharePoint connection. Go to App Connections tab -> Create a new connection -> select the Sharepoint Connector

    Step 9

  2. Enter the required fields. Use Application ID from Step 4 as Client ID and client_secret password from Step 5 as Client Secret

    Step 10

  3. Click on Link your account to connect Sharepoint and enter username and password in pop-up window.

    Step 11

  4. Connection should be established in Workato as shown below

    Step 12

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