# Shopify Connector - Create payment/refund

This action creates a payment or refund in Shopify.

# Input

Field Description
Order ID The ID of the order to refund.
Transaction A list of transactions to process as refunds.

# Output

Field Description
ID The unique identifier for the refund.
Order ID The unique identifier for the order that the order adjustment is associated with.
Amount The value of the discrepancy between the calculated refund and the actual refund.
Kind The order adjustment type. Valid values: shipping_refund and refund_discrepancy.
Status The status of the payment/refund.
Gateway The payment gateway.
Message A message associated with this refund.
Test Whether this is a test refund.
Authorization The type of authorization
Currency The currency for the refund.
Location ID The ID of the location where the items should be restocked.
User ID The unique identifier of the user who performed the refund.
Parent ID The parent transaction ID.
Device ID Information about the device used to create the order.
Error code The error code.
Source name The source of the refund transaction.
Created at The date and time when this refund was created.
Receipt The receipt associated with this refund.
Payment details Information about the payment, including credit card company and credit card number.

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