# Shopify Connector - Get transactions

This action retrieves transactions by order ID in Shopify. A transaction is created when an order results in an exchange of money.

You may read the Shopify documentation (opens new window) for more information on the transaction resource.

# Input

Field Description
Order ID Provide the order ID.

# Output

The output to this action is a list of transactions. Each transaction include the following datapills.

Field Description
ID The unique ID of this transaction.
Order ID The ID for the order that the transaction is associated with.
Amount The gross amount of the transaction, in a decimal formatted string.
Kind The type of the transaction.
Status The status of the transaction.
Gateway The name of the gateway the transaction was issued through.
Message A string generated by the payment provider with additional information about why the transaction succeeded or failed.
Test Whether the transaction was created for a test mode Order or payment.
Authorization The authorization code associated with the transaction.
Currency The ISO 4217 currency code of the transaction.
Location ID The ID of the physical location where the transaction was processed
User ID The ID for the user who was logged into the Shopify POS device when the order was processed, if applicable.
Parent ID The ID of an associated transaction.
Device ID The ID for the device.
Error code A standardized error code, independent of the payment provider.
Source name The origin of the transaction. This is set by Shopify and can't be overridden.
Created at The date and time when the transaction was created.
Receipt A transaction receipt attached to the transaction by the gateway. The value of this field depends on which gateway the shop is using.

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