# Shopify Connector - Send email invoice

This action sends an invoice for any existing draft orders on Shopify. A draft order represents the intent of ordering by a customer. It can be transitioned into an order.

You may read the Shopify documentation (opens new window) for more information on the draft order resource.

# Input

Field Description
Draft order ID The ID of the draft order to be sent out for invoicing.
To address The invoice recipient’s email address.
From address The invoice sender's email address.
Optional field.
BCC addresses The list of email addresses to include in the bcc field of the email. Emails must be associated with staff accounts on the shop.
Optional field.
Custom subject The custom email subject. Reverts to Shopify default if left blank.
Optional field.
Custom message The custom message displayed in the email. Reverts to Shopify default if left blank.
Optional field.

# Output

The output of this action is a datatree that summarizes the draft order invoice sent. It contains information such as to, from, bcc list, subject, and custom message.

Find out more about the draft order invoice object (opens new window).

Last updated: 10/19/2022, 6:28:33 AM

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