# Shopify Connector - Update store metafield

This action updates metafields of a store in shopify.

# Input

Field Description
Metafield ID Identifier for the metafield
Value Provide the value to the metafield.
Value type For example, 'integer', 'string'

# Output

Field Description
ID The ID for the metafield.
Key Identifier for the metafield
Metafield name Provide a name for the metafield.
Value The value for the metafield
Value type For example, 'integer', 'string'
Description The description for the metafield.
Owner ID The parent object ID of the owner of the metafield.
Owner resource The parent object type.
Created at When this metafield was created.
Updated at When this metafield was last updated.

Last updated: 3/17/2021, 9:39:07 PM

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