# Shopify Connector - Update tracking information of a fulfillment

This action updates the tracking information of a fulfillment in Shopify.

# Input

Field Description
Fulfillment ID The ID of the fulfillment.
[Optional] Tracking information The tracking information for the fulfillment. See below for the structure of each tracking information.
[Optional] Notify customer? Whether a notification should be sent to the customer when the fulfillment is created. Defaults to false.

# Tracking information

Field Description
[Optional] Tracking company The name of the tracking company.
[Optional] Tracking number The tracking number for the fulfillment.
[Optional] Tracking URL The URL to track the fulfillment.

# Output

The output of the action above is the selected fields from the Fulfillment resource. Read the Shopify documentation (opens new window) for more information.

Last updated: 3/17/2023, 4:33:56 AM

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