Workday REST - Search workers action

Use this action to search for workers by name.

Search workers by name action Search workers action

Input fields

Input field Description
Name filter This must be at least 3 characters long and is not case sensitive. Workers with names that start with the provided value will be returned.

Output fields

Output is a list of workers. Each worker object has an output defined in the following table.

Output field Description
Descriptor Worker full name
ID Workday ID or the worker record.
HREF API resource URL of the worker record.
Primary supervisory organization Primary supervisory organization object of this worker record. Contains descriptor (full name), Workday ID and HREF.
Business title Full business title of the worker record.
Primary work email Primary work email of the worker record.
Is manager Boolean data. True if the worker record is a manager.
Primary work phone Primary phone number of the worker record.
Location Location object of this worker record. Contains descriptor (full name) and Workday ID.
Primary work address text Full primary address of the worker record.
Supervisory organizations managed Supervisory organizations managed by the worker record.
Years of service Years of service, as an integer, by the worker.
Date of birth Date of birth of the worker record. Format: YYYY-MM-DD

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