# Scheduled report using WQL trigger

# What is WQL?

Workday Query Language (WQL) is a SQL-like query language offering higher-performing Workday data querying capabilities. Since WQL is SQL-like, you may construct the query manually within Workday, or convert an existing report to WQL using the "Convert report to WQL" option.

# WQL vs. RaaS

Both Workday Report-as-a-Service (RaaS) and WQL support retrieval of large volumes of information. However, unlike Workday RaaS which returns the result one-shot, WQL supports pagination. This provides both data retrieval flexibility and performance improvements.

# Inputs

Scheduled report using WQL Scheduled report using WQL

Input field Description
Report WQL
Provide WQL of the report from the Convert Report to WQL action in Workday. Otherwise, construct the WQL manually in Workday.
Count Set the count of the objects to be retrieved in a single batch/page, up to 1000. Minimum is 200. If left blank, defaults to 200.
Report columns Override the default report schema with your own custom report schema.

# Outputs

The output of this action is presented as an array. Each element in this array corresponds to a row in the report. Similarly, each column in your report will be rendered as a field in the report output array.

If you configured a custom schema in Report columns, the custom report columns will be reflected as datapills.

Last updated: 8/8/2023, 4:32:41 PM