Zendesk - Search organizations action

This action retrieves a list of organizations that matches your search criteria. Only records in your Zendesk instance that matches all the criteria will be returned.

Search organizations action Search organizations action

Input fields

Input field Description
Name The name of the organization.
Tags The tags applied to this organization. You can add multiple tags with the , separator.
Details Details about the organization.
Notes Notes about the organization.
Organization custom fields Provide data for organization custom field(s).

Output fields

The output of this action contains a list of organizations with their respective outputs. Here are some of the commonly used outputs.

Output field Description
ID Unique Zendesk organization ID. This is automatically assigned when the organization is created.
Group ID The unique Zendesk ID of the group of this organization.
Organization custom fields Includes data of organization custom field(s).
List size The size of the list, corresponding to the number of organizations retrieved.

Click here for a full list of organization outputs.

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