Zendesk - Solve ticket action

This action updates a specific ticket your Zendesk instance and sets the ticket's status to solved. The ticket is identified by its Zendesk ID.

Some ticket fields put constraints on a ticket's status. For example, Zendesk requires a non-null input for assignee and group, before allowing a ticket to be solved. Check that you have satisfied all default and custom preconditions before using this action.

Solve ticket action Solve ticket action

Input fields

Input field Description
Ticket ID The unique Zendesk ID of the ticket.
Ticket form Select a ticket form to open required fields for that preconfigured ticket form.
Ticket custom fields Provide data for the required custom field(s).

Output fields

The output of this action contains the full set of columns from the selected ticket. Here are some of the commonly used outputs.

Output field Description
Ticket ID The unique Zendesk ID of the ticket. This is automatically assigned when the ticket is created.
Subject The subject of the ticket.
Type The type of ticket. Permitted values are problem, incident, question, or task.
Priority The priority of the ticket. Permitted values are urgent, high, normal, or low.
Ticket custom fields Includes data of ticket custom fields(s).

Click here for a full list of ticket outputs.

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