# Data retention

Workato retains data on the Workato platform for variable periods of time. The recipe job data is used for insights on the Dashboard, repeating jobs, displaying custom reports, duplicate detection and troubleshoot errors.

If you have purchased the security add-on, then you will have the ability to customize the duration of data retention period. Typically, customers reduce data retention period to comply with more stringent compliance and security policies of their organization.

# Data retention policy

Data retention depends on the add-ons you have purchased. For more details see our data retention FAQ.

# Types of data subject to data retention policy

The following details the data which are subject to the data retention policy and is erased after retention time period.

# Trigger event data

Trigger event data is typically found in the job details section, within the trigger output tab as shown.

Trigger event data Trigger event data for new Salesforce account

Trigger event data is typically reused to rerun a job without having to create a new trigger event.

Repeat job Replaying the trigger event for new Salesforce contact

After the retention period, repeat for the job is disabled since the event data is deleted.

# Job history summary

Job summary provides important information about the job like job ID, job status, description, when it was started and the duration of job completion. Additionally, it shows error details if job execution resulted in an error.

Job history summary Job history summary with successful job completion

Job history summary Job history summary with error details

# Job history details

Detailed job steps that show information about the data passed into each step and the data response received from each step.

Action input Job history details includes input and output for each action in the recipe

Action output Job history details includes input and output for each action in the recipe

After the retention period, detailed job logs is deleted permanently. Basic job history summary like the job ID, job status and job start time is retained.

Job history summary after retention period Job history summary with basic details after data retention period ends and jobs data is deleted

# Customized job report

Customized job reports can be shown using the jobs data in the Jobs tab of the recipe. Customized jobs report is an easy way to see details from the job execution without going in to details of each job. For example, in a order to cash integration, you can display the opportunity name and NetSuite sales order ID. Or in case of an HR integration, you can display employee ID, name, and start date for easy reference.

Custom job report Custom job report showing the relevant data user defined from the jobs execution data

After the retention period, custom job reports will be erased. Job ID, job status and job timestamp will be retained.

Custom job report deleted Custom job report shows no data since the data is deleted after retention period ends

# Account deletion

If an account is deleted, all data associated with the account is permanent deleted.