# SDK Reference

This is the full list of all possible attributes that you can include in your Workato connector. This section is organized by the root keys of a connector:

  • connection - Handles all aspects pertaining to how your connector should establish a connection with a target API.
  • test - Works hand in hand with the connection key to verify that a connection has been successfully established.
  • actions - Contains the definition of all actions in your connector.
  • triggers - Contains the definition of all triggers in your connector.
  • object_definitions - Define commonly used input or output fields and reference them later on in your actions and triggers.
  • pick_lists - Used to generate dropdowns in input fields.
  • methods - Create reusable methods which can be called from anywhere in your connector.
  • secure_tunnel - Used to created OPA compatible connectors to communicate with On-premise systems
  • webhook_keys - Used in conjunction with Static webhook triggers.
  • streams - Used in conjunction with actions and triggers to implement file streaming.

In addition to this, the SDK reference also contains the following information regarding

  • Defining input and output fields
  • Using HTTP Methods to send requests
  • Available ruby methods that can be used in your connector code

# Sample Connector Skeleton

Each connector in Workato is a big hash that contains the root keys detailed above. Below, we have an example of a summarized connector. Not all keys are required.

  title: 'My sample connector',

  connection: Hash,

  test: lambda do

  custom_action: Boolean,

  custom_action_help: Hash,

  actions: Hash,

  triggers: Hash,

  object_definitions: Hash,

  pick_lists: Hash,

  methods: Hash,

  secure_tunnel: Boolean,

  webhook_keys: lambda do

  streams: Hash

Last updated: 10/19/2022, 7:28:09 AM