# Event streams

Event streams empowers integration solutions by offering an event-driven, message-oriented architecture that separates publishers and consumers.

Use Workato Event streams in recipes to ensure guaranteed and persistent message delivery, the facilitation of sequential recipe chaining, and more. Recipes can publish messages triggering workflows for multiple other recipes. This connector allows for seamless addition or modification of consumer recipes without affecting publisher recipes. This decoupling ensures zero downtime for publishers, simplifying recipe management and reducing the time required for creation, testing, and maintenance.

Additionally, Event streams APIs enable users to publish and retrieve messages from event topics, each identified by a unique ID or timestamp, crucial for efficient message processing and workflow control.

You can access Event topics by navigating to Platform > Event streams using the side navigation bar.

Navigate to Platform > Event streamsAccess Event topics in Platform > Event streams


The Event streams feature is available to customers on specific pricing plans. Refer to your pricing plan and contract to learn more.

Last updated: 4/25/2024, 1:19:24 AM