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Integration projects, big or small, need administration, management and lifecycle capabilities from the integration platform. Your team is likely to have multiple team members collaborating on the integration project. Your team may also include employees, short-term contractors and consultants. This makes it necessary for you to provide access to the Workato account to build, change and operate the recipes.

As team size and complexity grows around the project, it becomes increasingly important to have control and visibility on the activities within your Workato workspace.


Activity audit provides a simple and powerful interface for Workato administrators to comprehensively track changes to the account, connections, recipes, folders and packages. Throughout the lifecycle of your project, it gives you the visibility to quickly identify the changes and opportunity to analyze the impact of those changes.

  • Comprehensive log of changes made to account, connection, folder, recipe and package
  • Track nature of change (for example, recipe stopped), author, and timeline
  • Quickly navigate to specific change activity using filters

Activity audit is available with select plans. Check the Pricing and Plans page or reach out to Workato sales representatives at +1 (844) 469-6752 to find out more.

Viewing activity audit

The activity audit log is available in the Dashboard > Audit tab. With the activity audit log, you will be able to find out which user in the team stopped a business-critical recipe or disconnected a connection. You'll also be able to find out when the recipe was stopped or connection was disconnected.

Activity audit log is visible to owner of the account and the users with Admin role.

Types of activity audit

Asset Activity Example
User login User login
User logout User logout
Password changed User Nick Santer updated password.
Delegated admin removed User Nick Santer removed a delegated admin Markus.
Delegated admin added User Barry added a delegated admin Clark.
Invite created User Bryan Yap invited Markus to join team as an Analyst.
Invite accepted User Samuel Seetoh joined team as an Admin.
Invite modified User David Lester modified role to Analyst invitation for Jake Kline to team.
Member deleted User Jack Smith removed user Matt Berg from team.
Member updated User Deven Maru updated role to Analyst for Zack Chew in team.
Started Recipe Offboarding for employees set for termination in Workday was started.
Stopped Response From Hire Right -> Update SNOW was stopped.
Created Recipe Employee Day 1 on boarding was created.
Deleted Recipe New/updated record will log message to output was deleted.
Connected Connection ServiceNow was connected.
Disconnected Connection Greenhouse Sandbox was disconnected.
Created Connection HR Amazon S3 was created.
Deleted Connection Salesforce Prod account was deleted.
Created Folder Home/Alerts was created.
Deleted Folder Home/Alerts/Lead management was deleted.
Exported User Gabriel Sim exported package
Imported User Bryan Yap imported package

Activity audit data retention

The activity audit log data will be retained for one year from when it is generated. To get longer data retention period, you may reach out to Workato sales representative at +1 (844) 469-6752 to find out more.

Alternatively, you can use the activity log streaming to stream the data to your choice of data storage like Amazon S3 or data storage providers like sumologic using the standard REST API interface. You can find more information about audit log streaming here.

Activity audit logs in more detail

Imagine an unplanned stoppage of a business critical recipe syncing product SKU data between your ERP like NetSuite or SAP and e-commerce app; or an update to Salesforce connection settings rendering it inactive; or someone inadvertently deleting a employee onboarding recipe connecting to Workday, a connection, or a folder. As an administrator, would you like to know if user login has failed? And how many times? Below are some examples where you will find the audit of activities that provide just the answers to the scenarios outlined above.

Recipe stopped by user

Recipe stopped

Connection disconnected by user

Connection disconnected

Folder created

Folder created

Folder deleted

Folder deleted

User login

User login

User login failed

User login failed

Invite team member

Invite team member

Team member joined

Team member joined

Using filters

Find information quickly and efficiently using time-based, user-based and Workato asset-based filters.

Filtering by time lets you see the activity audit for certain time period like last 7 days or 30 days and more.

Time filter

In this example, simply select the user to find all the activities by that user in the Workato workspace.

User filter

Similarly, find all the activities by any user on all recipes in the workspace using the asset filter.

Asset filter

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