# Activity audit log


The Activity audit log is an add-on feature for direct customers and available by default for embedded partners and their end customers. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Administration and user management are must-haves for any integration project, big or small. As team size and complexity grows around your projects, control and activity visibility within your Workato workspace becomes critical.

With Activity audit logs, you can view changes made by users in your account over time.

# Basics

# What is the activity audit log?

Activity audit logs provide a simple, powerful interface for Workato administrators to comprehensively track changes in their accounts. These changes include user activity such as logins and invitations, recipe modifications and events, and more.

# How can I use activity audit logs?

Using activity audit logs, you can quickly identify changes made in your account and analyze their impact.

For example: Imagine there was an unplanned stoppage of a business-critical recipe that onboards new employees. Using Activity audit logs, you can identify when the recipe was stopped and the user that stopped it.

# How do I get the activity audit log feature?

The Activity audit log feature is an add-on. Reach out to your Workato Customer Success Manager for more information.

# What activities are included?

Refer to the Activity reference article for a comprehensive list of activities included in the Activity audit log.

# How long are logs retained?

By default, Activity audit logs are retained for one year from the event. To inquire about a longer retention period, reach out to your Workato Customer Success Manager.

You can also use the Audit log streaming feature to replicate log data to your destination of choice.

# Who can view activity audit logs?

Once enabled, the following users can view Activity audit logs:

  • The account owner
  • Users with the Admin role
  • Users with the Activity audit privilege

Last updated: 7/12/2023, 5:07:46 PM