# Recipe Functions FAQ

On December 3, 2021, we’re introducing a new recipe type: Recipe functions. Recipe functions provide a simple and streamlined way to build reusable recipe components with minimum overhead.

To build a recipe function you need only define the required input and an optional output. You can invoke a recipe function from any other Workato recipe. Recipe functions are reusable components that you can create for:

  • Standardization of logic and process
  • Improving speed-of-use and productivity
  • Simplify testing, debugging, and maintenance
  • Improve readability of your recipes

Future improvements to Recipe functions will give you the ability to easily refactor steps from any recipe into a recipe function and the ability to independently test recipe functions.

# What's changing?

Here's a look at what's changing in Workato to accommodate this new recipe type:

# Recipe Wizard Starting Point

The Build callable recipe recipe starting point option has been replaced with Build recipe function:

New Build a recipe function recipe starting point

# Recipe Builder

To create and use reusable components when building recipes, use the Recipe functions by Workato app:

The Recipe functions app in the Recipe builder


# Are callable recipes and recipe functions the same?

No. While callable recipes filled multiple functions in Workato, including the creation of API endpoints, recipe functions are focused solely on creating reusable recipe components. For this reason, recipe functions have a much simpler data structure and less design overhead.

See example data structures

Comparison of data structures between callable recipes and recipe functions

Unlike callable recipes, recipe functions can't be used to create API endpoints. Instead, use the new dedicated API recipe type. Check out the API recipe FAQ

# Do I need to replace my existing callable recipes with recipe functions?

No. Your existing recipes will continue to work indefinitely. In the future, recipe functions will enable new functionality, like one-click refactoring of multiple steps into a recipe function. However, there is no need to convert a callable recipe that already works.

# Are recipe functions billable on recipe-based plans?

No, recipe functions are never billable recipes.

# Is there a way to convert callable recipes into recipe functions?

Currently, no. However, there’s no need to convert recipes, as callable recipes will continue to work as before.

# Can I continue using existing callable recipes from new recipes?

Yes. Even though you can’t create new callable recipes, the Callable Recipes by Workato app will continue to be available in the Recipe builder. If you need to call one of your existing callable recipes, just select the app and choose the appropriate action and recipe.

As you start to build recipe functions, remember that legacy callable recipes are accessed via the Callable recipes by Workato app, while new recipe functions are accessed via the Recipe functions by Workato app. If you can’t find the recipe you’re looking for, make sure you’re using the right app.

# I’m using the same callable recipe as an API endpoint and as a reusable component. Will that still work?

Yes. An existing callable recipe can still be used both as an API endpoint and to be called from other Workato recipes. However, this is quite rare in practice.

To support this use case with API recipes and recipe functions, you’ll need to create two recipes. To retain modularity, you can keep the bulk of your logic inside the recipe function and invoke it from your API recipe.

# Can I use callable recipes to create reusable components as before?

No. Callable recipes will be phased out.

Until now, the callable recipe type and the Callable Recipes by Workato app have been used to create API endpoints, among other purposes. With the release of a dedicated reusable component recipe type, we’ll gradually phase out the use of callable recipes.

From December 3 2021 onward, you will no longer be able to create new callable recipes. When building new recipes, choosing Build an API Endpoint will instead create an API recipe.

This is a non-breaking change. All of your existing callable recipes will continue to work indefinitely.

Last updated: 12/2/2021, 10:12:49 PM