Callable recipes

Callable recipes are a type of recipe that can be called from another recipe. This helps to reduce the length of your recipes by separating a repeatable set of actions into a callable recipe that can be called from other recipes that require the same steps.

A callable recipe is triggered by a call from another recipe instead of a trigger event in an application.

Callable recipes can also be exposed as REST endpoints using the API Platform feature.

Advantages of using callable recipes

Advantages Details
Easier to test By grouping a set of actions into a separate recipe instead of repeating them in the same recipe, you reduce the effort needed to change and test the steps.
More readable Instead of having really long recipes, break it out into smaller recipes that can be called.
Sharing across recipes If you have a standard error notification policy, you can create a recipe and then have all recipes call this recipe for error notification.
Share across accounts and with partners You can expose REST APIs to your business partners. e.g. a REST API that provides inventory status to your suppliers.

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