# FileStorage action - Create directory


Currently, all users in a workspace can access all FileStorage files and directories in the workspace when they use the FileStorage connector. Workato does not restrict access based on role unless the files are accessed from the FileStorage UI.

This action creates a new directory in Workato FileStorage. Directories are useful for grouping similar files. For example, you could group all marketing files under one directory called marketing or store all August sales data files within the directory path sales/august.

Create directory in FileStorage action Create directory in FileStorage action

# Input fields

Field Description
Directory name Enter the name of the directory that you plan to create.
Directory path Choose or enter the path where this directory resides. If the path contains missing parent directories, they are created automatically.

# Output fields

Field Description
Directory path The full path of the created directory.

Last updated: 1/30/2024, 1:38:00 AM