# FileStorage action - Search files


Currently, all users in a workspace can access all FileStorage files and directories in the workspace when they use the FileStorage connector. Workato does not restrict access based on role unless the files are accessed from the FileStorage UI.

This action searches directories and subdirectories in Workato FileStorage and returns a list of files with names that match a specified condition. This is useful for grouping and processing files. The action supports pagination to retrieve large lists of files.

If you select a directory but do not specify a condition to match, the action lists all files under a directory and its subdirectories.

Search files in FileStorage action Search files in FileStorage action

# Input fields

Field Description
Directory path/File path Choose or enter the path of the directory to search for matching files (for example: samplepath/path1/). Subdirectories are also included in the search.
File name Choose the criteria by which matching filenames are returned:

  • Condition: The condition used to match a a provided value. Defaults to Equals if not specified.
  • Value: The value to match (for example: invoices).
For example, to return a list of files whose names begin with 2024, set Condition to Starts with and set Value to 2024.
Page size Specify the number of files to fetch in a single set. Defaults to 50 if not specified. Maximum is 100.
Page offset Specify the page number to fetch file records from. Defaults to 0, which represents the first page.

# Output fields

Field Description
Page offset The current page number.
Size of the page Number of records in the current page.
Files A list of files with the following metadata:

  • File name
  • File path
  • File size (bytes)
  • File creation time
  • Last modified time
  • List size
  • List index

Last updated: 1/30/2024, 1:38:00 AM