# Getting started

Everything you need to get up and running on Workato.

# Workato basics


Get an introduction to Workato by visiting Automation Institute (opens new window). Complete the course and become a certified Automation Pro.

# AssistIQ

AssistIQ in the Workato UI contains useful links and other resources, including:

  • Documentation: Search the docs site and view results within AssistIQ. You can un-dock the window, move it, and resize it.
  • Recommended for you: Learn about recent releases and read articles recommended for you based on your usage of Workato.
  • More ways to learn: Register for an upcoming event with one click.
  • Resources: Access the Automation Institute, Product Hour, and more.
  • Featured: View newsletters, product news, and other important announcements.
  • Give feedback: Share your suggestions for improving Workato.
  • Chat with us: Start a live chat with Workato's customer support team.

Hover over the AssistIQ icon in the bottom-right corner of the Workato UI to display the entire button.

AssistIQ button AssistIQ button


Select the button to open AssistIQ.

AssistIQ display AssistIQ content


Optional: Enter a search query in the Search documentation field. You can un-dock, resize, and move the window of results.

Un-dock, resize, and move the docs in AssistIQ Un-dock, resize, and move the docs in AssistIQ

Last updated: 1/18/2024, 10:36:58 PM