# Branding - Theme editor

As an Embedded partner, you can customize the look and feel of Workato to suit your branding and configuration needs. You can customize colors, fonts, and spacing.

Creat a themeCreate a custom theme

The Theme editor is available in the Admin Console in Settings > Branding.

It features a real-time preview in the left pane. It also enables you to preview the entirety of the Workato platform, including the recipe editor, before saving your changes.

The Theme editor allows you to customize the following attributes:

# Customize colors

Edit themeCreate a custom theme

After you choose a theme that defines the general look and feel, you can customize the colors to match your brand. Color fields accept RGB, HSL and HEX values.

You can also use a color picker to set your color values. This enables you to choose colors that match your application's branding.

It contains the following subsections:

# General theme

The General theme section enables you to set the general look and feel of the interface by choosing between a light theme or a dark theme.

Theme editorApply a light or dark theme to your workspace

After you choose a theme, you can customize the individual colors to match your brand. For example, you can choose light mode and then change the background color or text color individually.

# Login

Customize your login screen. This section contains a real-time preview of your customizations, enabling you to view your changes as you work.

Login screenCustomize your login page

Customize the navigation sidebar.

Customize sidebarCustomize the sidebar

# Recipe editor

Customize the recipe editor.

Recipe editorCustomize the recipe editor

# Accent

Create a customized accent palette to highlight key parts of the interface, such as primary buttons, focused input fields, and active tabs.

AccentsCustomize accents

# Customize fonts

If you use a custom font, you can add its Google Fonts URL and determine font sizes for headers in Workato.

Select a custom fontSelect a custom font

It contains the following customizable fields:

  • Google fonts URL

  • Use a custom font by entering the fonts URL.

  • Heading 1

  • Set the size of your H1 headers.

    • Default value:
    • 28 px
  • Heading 2

  • Set the size of your H2 headers.

    • Default value:
    • 24 px
  • Heading 3

  • Set the size of your H3 headers.

    • Default value:
    • 20 px
  • Heading 4

  • Set the size of your H4 headers.

    • Default value:
    • 16 px
  • Heading 5

  • Set the size of your H5 headers.

    • Default value:
    • 14 px
  • Heading 6

  • Set the size of your H6 headers.

    • Default value:
    • 14 px

# Customize spacing

SpacingDetermine iframe spacing

The Spacing interface enables you to determine custom margins and padding for the right and left sides of the embedded iframe containing Workato. Customizing these properties enables you to integrate embedded Workato pages into your application seamlessly.

It contains the following customizable fields:

  • Container margin left

  • Determine the left margin of your iframe.

    • Default value:
    • auto
  • Container margin right

  • Determine the right margin of your iframe.

    • Default value:
    • auto
  • Container padding left

  • Determine the left padding of your iframe.

    • Default value:
    • 32 px
  • Container padding right

  • Determine the right padding of your iframe.

    • Default value:
    • 32 px

# Revert changes

You can revert your changes back to the default settings at any time during the editing process.

To revert your changes, simply click the value field that corresponds to the component you plan to reset.

revert changesRevert to default values


Contact your Workato Success Representative to customize the following aspects of Embedded:

  • Origin and path prefix - Determine a unique origin and path prefix for navigation and linking.
  • Logos - Add your logo to Embedded pages.

Last updated: 1/12/2024, 4:26:53 PM