# Copilot in text mode

Workato's Copilot enhances text manipulation in your recipes by providing AI-powered assistance directly within the recipe editor. You can use this feature to compose text that incorporates datapills, such as drafting emails, Slack notifications, or descriptions for invoices. This page details how to use Copilot in text mode to handle regular inputs and manipulate English text effectively. Additionally, text mode allows you to quickly search and select from thousands of datapills in a recipe for accurate data handling.

# Prerequisites

  • Ensure that you have Copilot enabled for your workspace. You must have an Admin system role to enable Copilot within your workspace. Contact your workspace administrator to enable this feature if you are not assigned this role. Refer to the Recipe Copilot documentation for more information.

# Get started with Copilot in text mode

Copilot's text mode allows you to generate and manipulate input fields within your recipes. Complete the following steps to activate and use text mode with Copilot:


Navigate to any recipe action or trigger step where you require text manipulation.


Click the Text tab in the input field where you plan to insert or edit text. An icon displays indicating that you can activate input suggestions if Copilot is enabled.

Formula tabNavigate to the Text tab


Activate Copilot by clicking the suggested icon.

Activate copilotActivate Copilot

# Select input suggestions

Click an input field where you plan to insert data to display a suggested input menu with options based on the preceding actions in your recipe.

Select input dataSelect suggested input

You can choose an option from the suggested input menu to map relevant datapills. Click Fill field with AI instead at the bottom of the input menu if the suggestions are not suitable. This option activates Copilot to generate new, customized input suggestions.

# Generate input suggestions

You can start generating specific text prompts after you activate Copilot in text mode.


Copilot adjusts its approach when generating input suggestions based on the data present in the text field:

  • No input or generation: Copilot only takes into account the prompt and the recipe.
  • Input present: Copilot takes into account the existing input, the prompt, and the recipe.
  • Generation present: Copilot takes into account the generation, the prompt, and the recipe.
  • Input and generation present: Copilot only takes into account the generation, the prompt, and the recipe.

Type your text requirements or a description of the transformation you require directly into the prompt. Select the Back option if you plan to revise your input or view previous suggestions.

Generate promptGenerate a text prompt in Copilot


Click the green arrow to begin the input generation process. The system begins to display Generating input…, indicating that it is processing your input for suggestions. You can also select Stop to cancel the process.

Generate inputGenerate the input suggestion in Copilot


Examine the input suggestion that Copilot generates to ensure that it meets your transformation requirements.


Insert the suggestion directly into your input field or click Copy to clipboard to use it in another part of your recipe.

Insert the generated formulaInsert the generated suggestion into the input field


Use the provided suggestion or refine it to ensure it aligns with your specific data needs and preferred output format.

# Refine existing input or Copilot-generated suggestions

You can tailor existing input in the text field or refine an input suggestion generated by Copilot. Complete the following steps to update Copilot suggestions to meet your requirements:


Click the Copilot icon again in the text box. This action allows you to update the prompt for a new suggestion.

Activate CopilotActivate Copilot to update the input suggestion


Type your updated prompt to refine the suggestion.

Provide new promptType the new requirements for the text


Examine the input suggestion to ensure it matches your intended output.

Review the generated formulaReview the updated formula suggestion


Select Replace to replace the previous suggestion with the new suggestion.

# Map datapills in text mode

Copilot's text mode simplifies the process of locating and using datapills within your recipes, making it an essential tool for managing large datasets:


Switch to Text mode in the input field where you plan to insert datapills.


Type your datapill requirements in the prompt. Copilot dynamically suggests relevant datapills based on your input.

Search DatapillsFind datapills in Copilot


Click Insert to map the datapills to your current step’s field or click Copy to clipboard to use the datapills in another part of your recipe.

Select DatapillsInsert datapills


Use Copilot's text manipulation features to modify or format the datapills within the input field.

Refine DatapillsRefine and use datapills

# Remap unknown suggestions

You can remap unknown suggestions if Copilot cannot find similar datapills for your input. Complete one of the following options to remap unknown suggestions:

  • Delete the unmatched datapill and manually select a replacement from the data tree.
  • Select Ask Copilot for help to receive AI-assisted suggestions for remapping the datapills.

Replace the formulaRemap unknown datapills in Copilot

Following these steps ensures that your input accurately references the correct datapills within your recipes.

# Tips for effective use

  • Include relevant datapills: Include the necessary datapills in the input field for accurate suggestions. The datapills you select provide Copilot with context, enabling you to generate precise text transformations.

  • Be specific in prompts: Provide clear and specific instructions in your prompt for Copilot to generate more accurate suggestions. Specify the format or transformation you plan to use explicitly.

  • Leverage contextual data: Use related data from preceding steps to give Copilot comprehensive context for generating accurate and relevant suggestions.

Last updated: 5/17/2024, 5:06:44 PM