# Install the Approval bot accelerator

# Prerequisites

  • A Workato account with the Enterprise bot add-on.
  • Microsoft Teams account with the workbot app installed (for use with Microsoft teams)
  • A Slack workspace (for use with Slack)
  • The Core-ApprovalBot-Slack-V001.zip or Approval-bot-MSTeams.zip package.

# Install the package

To install the package into your workspace:


In Workato, create a new project. Name the project Approval Bot.


Within the newly-created Approval Bot project, create a new folder. Name the folder Slack or Microsoft Teams.


If you plan to implement the Approval bot in Slack, import the package Core-ApprovalBot-Slack-V001.zip using the Recipe Lifecycle Management tool or with the Import package into a folder API.

If you plan to implement the Approval bot in Microsoft Teams, import the package Approval-bot-MSTeams.zip using the same tools.

Last updated: 2/22/2024, 11:17:11 PM