# ADP Workforce Now - Scheduled Worker Search Trigger

This trigger picks up entries that match a specified search filter. Entries are processed as a list of a specified batch size. It checks for entries based on the specified schedule.

Scheduled worker search Scheduled worker search

Input field Description
Role code Select the type of worker to filter for this trigger. Available options are:
- Employee
- Manager
- Practitioner
- Administrator
- Supervisor
Trigger on Select the type of schedule - Specific interval or Specific date/time
Schedule settings (Specific interval) Every Select the interval between each search. Select one of these options:
- 5 minutes
- 15 minutes
- 30 minutes
- 45 minutes
- One hour
- One day
- One week
- 30 days
Start at Date and time to begin the first search. Leave blank to begin immediately when the recipe is first started.
Schedule settings (Specific date/time) Timezone Choose the timezone for the schedule to be set in.
Hour Configure the hour of the day to run the search.
Minute Configure the minute of the hour to run the search.
Days of the week Select 'Yes' for each of the days you wish to run the search.
Batch size Configure the batch size of the list of entries in each individual job. This defaults to 100. Maximum batch size is 100.

# Output fields

The output of this trigger is a list of workers. The attributes of each worker is based on the worker object in your ADP Workforce Now instance. All custom fields are supported.

Workers output fields Workers output fields

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