# AI by Workato - Categorize text action


AI by Workato is available for all users across all Workato data centers. All data is sent to OpenAI's servers in the US. You can opt-in to this feature by agreeing to our AI feature addendum (opens new window). Contact your Customer Success representative to learn more.

The categorize text action enables you to classify or organize text data based on predefined categories automatically. For common categories, you can omit the rules, but in general, we recommend configuring a clear rule description to aid with classification.

This action allows you to efficiently sort, group, or route incoming text information to streamline your business processes. Some possible workflows it can augment are customer support ticket routing, content tagging, spam filtering, and product classification.

# Input

Input field Description
Text Provide the text you plan the connector to categorize.
List of categories Create a list of categories to sort the text into. Create rules to provide additional details to help classify what each category represents.

# Output

Output Description
Best match category This action chooses one of the categories that best fits the input text. The output datapill contains the value of the best match category or error if none of the categories you define are found in the source text. If you plan to have an option for none, you must configure it explicitly.
Remaining calls The number of remaining calls Workato can execute out of the overall daily limit (100 calls).
Consumed calls The number of actions completed out of the overall daily limit (100 calls).
Reset time The time the daily limit resets.

Last updated: 6/12/2024, 9:38:28 PM

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