Freshdesk is a customer support software and ticketing system that helps companies provide a greater customer support experience. It enables ease of collaboration across agents, equips customers with the ability to self-service, and provides reporting and analytics for greater insights into your team's performance.


Workato allows for bi-directional syncs between Freshdesk and up to 1000+ other apps, through various use cases. Popular apps that users have integrated with Freshdesk include Salesforce, Google Sheets, Trello, Intercom.

Freshdesk integration scenarios include bi-directional syncs between new/updated:

  • Freshdesk tickets to Salesforce cases
  • Freshdesk tickets to ServiceNow incident
  • Freshdesk contacts to Salesforce contacts
  • Freshdesk users to Intercom users
  • Freshdesk ticket to a message posted on a Slack channel

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Supported editions and versions

The Freshdesk connector works with all Freshdesk plans.

How to connect to Freshdesk on Workato

  1. Search for Freshdesk recipes

You could click on the Browse Recipes at the navigation bar above and search for "Freshdesk" to view a list of pre-built Freshdesk recipes.

List of pre-built Freshdesk recipes List of pre-built Freshdesk recipes

  1. Choose a desired Freshdesk recipe to use

Click on the recipe. Thereafter, proceed to click on the "Use this recipe" button at the top-right corner as seen below.

Click to choose to use the recipe A pre-built Freshdesk recipe

  1. Fill in the configuration input fields

Freshdesk connection configuration Freshdesk connection configuration on Workato

  • Connection name

    Give this Freshdesk connection a unique name which identifies the Freshdesk account you are connected to.

  • API key

    Enter your API key from your Freshdesk account. You may obtain the API key by following these steps:

    1. Navigate to User Profile under the dropdown menu on the top-right corner of your helpdesk

    2. Navigate to Profile Settings

    Freshdesk profile settings Go to Profile settings in Freshdesk

    1. You will see your API key at the top-right corner.

    Freshdesk Connection Retrieve your API key from Freshdesk

  • Helpdesk name

    If your company's Freshdesk URL is, then input "yourcompany" as the helpdesk name in the field.

  • Click connect

    Once all required fields are filled, click connect.

    Connect Freshdesk

    Once Freshdesk has been successfully connected, you may complete/skip the following steps, such as customization/testing. After these steps, you would see the following recipe page. You may choose to test or start the recipe by clicking on the corresponding button on the top-right corner.

    Start your Freshdesk recipe

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