Google Drive action - Download file

This action downloads contents of a file in Google Drive. File contents can be used in subsequent steps of the recipe to upload the file into other applications.

Only binary files can be downloaded. Trying to download a folder or a Google Docs document will result in an error.

Input fields

Field name Description
File ID The ID of the file. Can be found in the output of other Google Drive trigger/actions, or from the file's shareable link. To get the shareable link, right click on the file and select Get shareable link. For example, if the shareable link is , then the file ID is 1y1nxL1248oiyR2IjW_Rq84d3qEPYRoqh.

Output fields

Field name Description
File contents The full contents of the file. This is a streaming object. Can be used in Upload file actions of other file connectors such as Box, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc. to upload the file into those applications.
Size Size of the file in bytes.

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