# New application event trigger

This trigger runs the recipe every time a specific event occurs in the selected Google Workspace application.

# Input fields

Field Description
When first started... The date and time when the trigger starts monitoring for events. For more information, see Since/from trigger
Application name Select the Google Workspace app from the drop-down list
Event name To find the event name, locate the Google Workspace app in the left-side navigation of this page (opens new window). Use the value from the Event name row that corresponds with the activity that you want to monitor.
For example, to configure the trigger to monitor for changes to a calendar, enter change_calendar_acls
Filters Narrow down the returned list of events. Separate each filer with a comma. For more information, see the filter parameter (opens new window)

Additional fields appear, depending on the event name you provide.

# Output fields

The output datatree contains information about the event such as the kind (type of API resource), eTag of the resource, application name, and timestamp.

Last updated: 6/18/2021, 8:29:04 PM