# HubSpot

HubSpot (opens new window) is a leading growth platform that offers a full suite of marketing, sales, customer service, CRM software and additional services. The platform enables businesses to optimise their content, nurture leads, and monitor contacts as they become customers, to track marketing progress. HubSpot also supports integration with an ever-growing range of customer success, productivity, and finance applications to facilitate and boost the growth of businesses.

# API version

The HubSpot integration uses HubSpot REST API (opens new window).

# Supported editions and versions

The HubSpot connector works with all HubSpot cloud instances, for example, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise

However, certain HubSpot accounts may only have access to specific APIs. These permissions are granted by attributing scopes to users, scopes provide access to different sets of HubSpot APIs. In order to access the relevant APIs that you require, ensure that you have the required account types as listed below.

# How to connect to HubSpot on Workato

The HubSpot connector uses OAuth 2.0 authentication with HubSpot.

Configured HubSpot connection Configured HubSpot connection

  • Connection name

Give this HubSpot connection a unique name that identifies which Salesforce instance it is connected to.

  • Scopes

Select the areas of HubSpot this connection will have access to. The minimum permission required is crm.objects.contacts.read; this is always requested in addition to selected or default permissions. Take note that any scopes previously authorized for Workato for your HubSpot instance will always be inherited by any new connections.

Find out more about HubSpot's OAuth scopes here (opens new window).

  • HubSpot authorization pop-up page

HubSpot authorization pop-up HubSpot authorization pop-up

  • Email address

Email address to connect to HubSpot.

  • Password

Password to connect to HubSpot.

# List of triggers and actions

Workato currently supports the following HubSpot triggers and actions. We are actively working on adding support to a wider range of triggers, actions, and objects. Find out more details about each by clicking on the links below. You can also navigate to them through the sidebar.