# MongoDB Atlas - Search Documents Action

This action retrieves documents from a MongoDB Collection.

# Limitations

Up to 10,000 documents can be retrieved at a time.

# Input

Field Description
Collection The name of the target database collection to retrieve documents from. Note: Names are case-sensitive.
Limit The maximum number of documents to retrieve from the collection. The default is 1,000; the maximum is 10,000.
Offset The number of documents to skip.
Custom filter query A JSON query used to filter documents. Documents that match the query's criteria will be selected. Refer to the Custom Filter Queries for MongoDB guide for more info.
Document schema Defines the expected fields of retrieved documents. You can add fields manually or provide sample JSON using the Schema generator.

Note: For integer and decimal data, there are a few limitations to be aware of.

# Output

Field Description
Collection name The name of the target database collection where documents were retrieved.
Documents A list of the retrieved documents.

# Resources

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