# MongoDB Atlas - Delete Documents Action

This action updates documents in a MongoDB Collection that match an optional custom query.

# Limitations

Updates to array fields have a few limitations:

  • Updates to array fields will replace values entirely

  • Partial updates (appending and/or removing fields) to array fields isn't currently supported.

    To make partial updates, we recommend that you:


    Use the Search documents action to obtain a copy of the field's existing values


    Manipulate the field


    Update the field using this action

# Input

Field Description
Collection The name of the target database collection to update documents in. Note: Names are case-sensitive.
Document schema Defines the schema of the documents to be updated. You can add fields manually or provide sample JSON using the Schema generator. Note: For integer and decimal data, there are a few limitations to be aware of.
Custom filter query A JSON query used to filter documents. Documents that match the query's criteria will be updated. Refer to the Custom Filter Queries for MongoDB guide for more info.

# Output

Field Description
Collection name The name of the target database collection where documents were updated.
Documents updated count The total number of updated documents.

# Resources

Last updated: 3/29/2023, 2:00:59 PM