# Data Typing Limitations In MongoDB

When using MongoDB actions, you may encounter unexpected behavior when it comes to typing inserted data. In this guide, we'll explain what's happening and provide you with some workarounds.

# Applicable Actions

This guide applies to the following actions:

# Integers Inserted As Doubles

If using a JSON sample to generate a schema for insertion into a collection, you may notice integer values are translated to number types. When data is inserted into MongoDB, the number type will be transformed into a double.

The root cause is that JSON doesn't distinguish integers from floating point numbers. For example: 1 is equivalent to 1.0

To ensure fields are loaded as integers, manually add the field using the Add new field option in the schema editor.

# Decimals Inserted As Doubles

The default behavior for MongoDB is to type decimal values like 123.45 as double.

If you want data to be typed as Decimal128, you'll need to modify the field in MongoDB after it's been inserted.

# Resources

Last updated: 1/11/2022, 5:21:18 PM