# SQL Server - Bulk load from on-prem file

This action efficiently loads an on-prem CSV data file into a specific table in SQL Server. The source CSV data file should be accessible by the On-prem Files connector.


OPA version required

On-prem agent version 2.11.0 or above is required. Please ensure that the SQL Server is connected with an updated on-prem agent.

# Input

Field Description
Table name The name of the target table to load the data. The table schema should be identical to the schema of the input CSV file.
File URL The on-prem file url that references a CSV file located in the on-prem agent.
Allow partial inserts on error? If No, then no data is inserted if an error occurs. If Yes, then all the data up to the point of the errored row is inserted. Defaults to No.

# Advanced configuration

Field Default Description
First row number 1 The first row where your data begins. This is 1-based index. If your data contains a header row, set this to 2 to skip the header row.
Field quote double-quote The quote character for the source CSV.
Field terminator Tab character The field terminator for the source CSV.
Batch size 10,000 Sets the number of rows in each transaction. Rows will be gradually inserted across multiple transactions, batch by batch. Advanced users can customize this to control memory usage and optimize loads.
Insert in a single batch? No If set to Yes, then all rows are inserted in a single batch and Batch size is ignored.
Last row number 0 Zero-indexed last row number, represented as an offset from the actual last row of the CSV file. Use this to omit rows from being loaded.
Fire triggers No Indicate if triggers on the table should be fired after the data has been loaded successfully.
Keep null values Yes Indicate how to treat empty values in the file. If No, default values will be inserted. If Yes, NULL values are inserted.
Data file type char Defines the character encoding for the data file.

# Output

Field Description
Destination table Name of the table where the rows were inserted.
Rows parsed Number of rows read from source file
Rows loaded Number of rows loaded
Status Loaded - all rows loaded successfully
Load failed - Unsuccessful load, and nothing was loaded
Partially loaded - Unsuccessful load, and some rows were loaded
Timeout - Execution timed out (24 hour timeout)
First error line First row where the error occurred, if any
First error character The index of the character where the error occurred, if any
First error column name The name of the column for the field where the error occurred, if any

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