# Execute SuiteQL query action

Use the SuiteQL action to execute a custom query against your NetSuite database. This connector only supports the SELECT query.

# Input

Input field Description
SuiteQL query Provide a valid SuiteQL query.
Limit The number of records you plan to fetch. The maximum is 1000 and the default is 100.
Offset The starting position from which records are fetched. The default offset is 0.
Output schema Click Use SUITEQL to describe all fields in your response using SuiteQL, or click add fields manually to fill out the Add new field modal, determining the Name, Label, Data type, whether the parameter is Optional, and the Hint for each of the fields in your response.

# Output

This action does not generate any output data for use in downstream recipe steps.

Last updated: 11/7/2023, 10:18:26 PM

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