# NetSuite trigger - Export new/updated standard records

This record exports a CSV of newly created or updated standard records from NetSuite every polling interval. Each field in the record represents a column in the resultant CSV. Use this trigger to replicate records from NetSuite to your data warehouse like Snowflake.

Export standard records

# Input fields

Input field Description
Standard object The NetSuite standard object to export
When first started, this recipe should pick up events from Optional When this recipe starts for the first time, this trigger picks up newly created or updated records from this specified date and time. These records will formatted as a single CSV for the first job of this recipe.
Schedule settings This allows you to schedule this trigger to run only every set time interval. We recommend exporting records on a longer time interval.
Output field configuration Optional Select the standard fields, custom fields, line item custom fields, that you want to export.
When exporting records to form the CSV, fetch them in batches of Optional The batch size when we export records from NetSuite. Make this batch size smaller if your recipe is facing timeout issues.

# Output fields

Output field Description
File content The CSV file representing the records.
Object name The name of the selected object
Object schema An array representing the schema of the record, allowing you to replicate schema in our Database connectors.
Created or Updated from The timestamp from which this trigger started pulling records from.

Last updated: 5/31/2023, 5:05:09 AM