# NetSuite FAQ

Read answers to frequently asked questions about NetSuite connector. If you need help with this connector, contact Workato Support (opens new window).

# How to create a NetSuite invoice from CSV file

To setup a workflow that takes in a CSV import to create NetSuite invoices, first configure your CSV file. You can setup your recipe to trigger off new files in Google Drive.

Next, use Workato CSV parser to parse the CSV lines. Lastly, you can use the Create records action to create invoices from the lines datapill.

Example recipe: Create invoice from CSV Example recipe: Create invoice from CSV

# Missing fields from Search custom record type

The custom action created and lastModified fields are not available by default. To enable these fields for use as datapills, you must enable them on the NetSuite UI. Ensure that the following options are checked.

Custom record type: Show created date and lastModified Custom record type: Show created date and lastModified

# OAuth authentication for NetSuite connector

The NetSuite connector and HTTP only supports OAuth2. Workato does not support OAuth1.0.

# Error invalid subsidiary reference netsuite

In NetSuite, a subsidiary object may itself contain child subsidiaries. The permission sets for each subsidiary is unique and distinct. If the Workato connection does not have the necessary permissions, it will cause an invalid subsidiary reference error.

Using any CREATE, UPDATE, or UPSERT actions with a record that has a subsidiary inaccessible to the integration role results in an invalid subsidiary reference error. This causes the action to fail.

When using the SEARCH action, the action will not be able to retrieve any records. Although the action will be fail and your will not have any indicative errors, this is not the desired behavior.

To resolve this, ensure that the credentials provided have the necessary permissions to work with the subsidiary objects.

# Error The restrictions on your role deny you access to this record

If the NetSuite credentials do not have the appropriate permissions, the recipe cannot access cross-subsidiary records. To resolve this, update the permissions for the connection credentials and set Allow Cross-Subsidiary Record Viewing to True.

  • Go to Setup> Users/Roles > Manage Roles
  • Customize or Edit the Role
  • Make sure that the Allow Cross-Subsidiary Record Viewing is checked
  • Click Save

NetSuite API does not support custom fields from saved search. It is not possible to fetch formula fields with the NetSuite connector.

Last updated: 3/29/2023, 2:00:59 PM