# How to use Workato Event streams

There is no connection required to use Workato Event streams, as schemas are stored in the Workato account for recipes to interact with.

In order to work with Event topics, users require access to the Event streams feature. Reach out to your Workato administrator if you do not have such access.

In order to use Event streams you must complete the following steps:


Create and configure an Event topic.


Create at least one recipe that uses a publish message action or batch publish action to publish to that topic. Several recipes can publish to one topic. Workato orders the messages in the topic according to the time they were published.


Create at least one recipe that uses a new message trigger or new batch of messages trigger to consume messages from that topic. Several recipes can consume from one topic, and each recipe receives all messages.


As an alternative for, or in addition to publishing and consuming recipes, you can use Workato APIs to publish or consume messages directly.


After you created a topic, manage its properties in the control UI.

Last updated: 2/13/2024, 1:10:22 AM