# Python

The Python connector allows you to write and execute custom Python (opens new window) code as part of a recipe.

A popular, easy-to-learn language, Python is commonly used for developing web applications, data pipelines, and machine learning projects.

# Usage Inspiration

Using Workato's Python connector, you could:

  • Transform data, such as date formats
  • Convert file formats, such as CSV to JSON
  • Chunk large amounts of data (including files) to make it easier to perform downstream operations. For example: breaking a batch of 5000 records into chunks of 500 to prevent an API timeout.

Learn more about executing Python code.

# Supported Features

# Runtime Version

The Python connector runs Python 3.9 or later.

# Libraries

In addition to the standard libraries included in Python 3.9 or later (opens new window), this connector also supports the following libraries:

Additional libraries aren't currently supported.

# Limitations

When using the Python connector, note that:

  • Scripts can be a maximum of 1MB. While scripts that exceed this limit may run, they could cause memory issues.
  • Total memory overhead provisioned for the Python action is 256MB. This include all libraries, temporary memory and inputs sent to the Python action.
    • When dealing with CSV files, we recommend files no larger than 20MB CSVs when used with the Pandas library due to temporary storage required by Pandas
    • When dealing with Excel files, we recommend files no larger than 5MB files when used with the Pandas library due to temporary storage required by Pandas and Excel being a compressed form of data which is uncompressed when used with Pandas.
  • Actions will time out after 90 seconds
  • User-provided libraries aren't currently supported

# Actions

The Python connector supports these actions:

# Connecting To Workato

The Python connector doesn't require any setup configuration. Search for Python in the Apps tab and click the icon to get started.

Last updated: 7/4/2023, 5:01:11 AM