# RecipeOps - List Connections Action

This action retrieves details about connections in the Workato account. Results can be filtered by name, recipe, and application type (for example: Salesforce).

This action also supports retrieving runtime user connections. To search for these connections, provide an external ID or parent-child relationship.

# Limitations

Results are limited to 1,000 connections, ordered by most recently updated.

# Input

Field Description
Connection name Searches for connections using the full name of the connection. Note: Search is case-sensitive.
Recipe Filters connections by recipe. If defined, results will be limited to connections used in the selected recipe.
Application Filters connections by application type. If defined, results will be limited to connections of this application type.

For example: If Salesforce is selected, only Salesforce connections will be included in the results.
Parent connection name Applicable when Runtime user connections are being used. Filters connections by their parent connection. If defined, results will be limited to connections linked to the selected parent connection.

Note: If searching for child connections, the Search for child connections field should also be defined.
Search for child connections If Yes, the action will search for child connections using the Parent connection name value.
External ID Filters connections by their external ID. If defined, results will be limited to connections with the provided external ID.

# Output

Field Description
Connection ID The ID of the connection.
User ID The ID of the user who created the connection.
Name The name of the connection.
Application The application type of the connection. For example: salesforce
Authorization status The current authorization status of the connection.
Authorization error If the connection's Authorization status is in an error state, this will describe the reason for the error state.
Authorized at The time the connection was authorized.
Created at The time the connection was created.
Updated at The time the connection was last updated.
List size The total number of connections in the result set.
List index The index (current position) of the connection in the list of results.

# Resources

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